Water has the distinct potential to dissolve, corrode, stain, scale, or calcify any metallic materials in your pool in which it comes into contact (these metallic materials include pool walls, floor, hand rails, ladders, light fixtures, and the pool equipment-primarily the internals of the pump and heater). The water will make demands on these materials in the pool until those demands are met. This demand is met by adding chemicals in order to achieve "Ideal Water Balance". "

Bacteria algae and other micro- organisms and contaminants enter the pool water daily from sources ranging from bathers to the weather. Sanitising is a key step to fighting bacteria and algae.

Benefits of Oxidation: It destroys Chloramines It restores water sparkle It removes pungent chlorine odours Can be effective in destroying resistant algae It re-energises the stabiliser It improves water comfort

Prevention is the most economical and effective approach when dealing with algae, however, even the best maintained pool or spa may experience algae problems. Therefore both preventative and treatment algaecides are available.

The use of Enhancing products in your Pool will : Enhance Filtration - Improving water clarity. Enhance bather comfort Improve chemical effectiveness Reduce time and effort required for pool maintenance.

Speciality products are designed for specific pool applications of a special nature because: They are effective products that provide tangible results! Pool owners will see the results. They can improve aesthetics They provide an advantage over general run of the mill products

Regular home testing of pool water is advised. More accurate and complete tests can be performed by taking a sample of your pool water to your local Waterwell dealer.