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Cleaning Flood Damaged Pools

Swimming pools should NOT be drained until such time as contact has been made with the pool builder who built the pool (for pools still under warranty). Failure to do this may void the contractual warranty. We strongly recommend that you check with a pool professional before draining your pool whether under warranty or not.

Do NOT operate the pool pump, salt chlorinator or other electrical equipment associated with the pool. A pool professional or electrician should check the pump motor, salt water chlorinator and any other electrical pool equipment before turning such equipment on.
Add additional chlorine to the pool to keep the pool sanitised until such time as the pool can be attended to by a pool professional.  Remember that yours is probably not the only affected and the pool professionals will try their best to attend to everyone in turn.

It is recommended that pool owners affected should check  for a list of dealers who are appropriately qualified pool professionals, or alternatively contact a local pool shop operator or pool service technician.

The pool may only require internal cleaning. Draining a pool whilst the surrounding soil is saturated has a minefield of potential risks attached. Water pressure / level under the concrete or fibreglass pool structures can cause the pool to ‘pop’ out of the ground and cause the shell to float like a boat.