Speciality products are designed for specific pool applications of a special nature because:


  • They are effective products that provide tangible results!
  • Pool owners will see the results.
  • They can improve aesthetics
  • They provide an advantage over general run of the mill products





Chlor-Guard prevents the chlorine in the pool from being dissipated by sunlight.

Filter Cleanse is very effective in the removal of scale, oils and deposits from sand and cartridge filters.

Metal Out is used to remove metals from pool water and to prevent staining of pool surfaces by metals such as Copper, Iron and Manganese.

Scale Out is used to combat scale formation on pool surfaces.

Electrode Cleanse is designed to soften and remove scale build up on the electrode/cell of a Salt Chlorinator.

Tile Cleanse is a highly concentrated fluid used for the cleaning of swimming pool mosaic tiles.