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+ How many hours per day must the pool pump work..??Ie. so many hours on and so many hours off

+ How long after the pool has been marbelited can I use the pool cleaner (kreepy)n

+ Can waterwell sta blue be used in a salt water pool.

+ I have a 8m by 3m pool with a 1.5m depth throughout. I have a slight algae growth on some of the walls. How much of your product is required? Also how long do we need to wait before we can swim after putting in the product.

+ How many hours per day must the pool pump work..?? i.e. so many hours on and so many hours off

+ I'm a new pool owner (6x3) with fiberglass finish. I have a pool cover on most of the week (safety and solar panel heat retention) but am struggling to keep the chlorine levels stable ( between 1-3) Can you offer some advice please?

+ How do I set my pool pump timer?

+ Hi my wife have a swimming school and we are using your products. The instructors and the children complaining of eyes that bun and burning noses and sore throats. Can you please advice me what to do. Poolserve in Polokwane test my water and said my chlorine level is to high.<br/>Hope to hear from you soon.

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